Painting systems and techniques have evolved and spraying is now the recommended application technique for a large range of products. Think Painting offers both air assisted and airless spraying options for various applications throughout your property. 

All undercoating and ceiling area are airless spray finished for optimum appearance. This reduces both brush and roller imperfections. Air assisted spraying is used for more specialised applications and finer detailed finished throughout your home. This might include handrails, steel work or furniture.


Taking Professional Steps

In order to achieve the very best finish for our clients, all interior doors are taken off site where they are professionally sprayed in a specialised spray booth. This ensures no dust or building site debris interfere with the spraying process. This also reduces clutter on site and eliminates the risk of damage to your doors and property. Each door is sprayed in a purpose built, air extracted spray booth leaving you with only the highest quality finish. All doors are then returned to site upon completion. Perfection every time.